Unbothered Black Girl Collective: Origins

A lot of my work as a coach and mentor has centered around supporting Black women in the quest to deeply care for themselves and create lives filled with more joy. This work has been parallel to my own personal evolution as I learned to reclaim my voice and stand in my own unique power. I am honoring my desires more deeply and creating my life from that space, rather than a space that restricts me. This journey is the foundation of this collective.

Let me explain.

A few months ago, I was talking to my bestie about my goals and vision for my life and business. I told her about the burning desire that I had to create spaces for Black women to dream again without any judgement. A space where we could understand the power of creative energy and find ways to unleash it in our everyday lives. A space where we could come together in community to inspire and encourage one another to live our truth fully.

I knew I had to start somewhere, so I decided to choose a name. Me and my friend looked through the dictionary for the right word. When we happened on the word unbothered, I knew that was the right word for this new vision I had.

Unbothered is defined as : “not experiencing mental or physical discomfort.” It also takes on another meaning which is “to be indifferent to criticism or negative comments.” Being unbothered has been a mantra for Black women and I knew this was the mood that could capture what I wanted to do.

We often have to navigate spaces where people don’t look like us. I know this struggle all too well. We also have to navigate a world that has a narrative about what Black women should and can be in their personal and professional lives. It is exhausting to navigate these spaces and downright stifling. Black women spend so much time trying to hold it together that we inevitably start to neglect our passions, our dreams, and our health. We have to painfully play small in certain environments which blocks our creativity.

Unbothered Black Girl Collective is about coming together in a variety of ways to unravel our stories, desires, and intentions from all the other stories, beliefs, and narratives that are not aligned with our truth. We do this unraveling by taking care of ourselves. By doing what we love. By following our passions. By tapping into our creativity. By embracing joy and play. Basically, we do this by being more and more unbothered by the expectations of everyone else. It’s about moving beyond the status quo and getting to what really matters to us.

I am not entirely sure what Unbothered Black Girl Collective will become and I am open to how it expands. I do know that I will create content and experiences that will give you space to reclaim your dreams, your joy, and your creativity…..and remain more and more unbothered along the way.

Thank you for being here.

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