Black Women + Creativity Interview #1 with Fenesha Hubbard

The Black Women and Creativity interview series is focused on inspiring Black women to tap into their creativity capacity. In 2019, one hundred Black women, from all walks of life, share their advice on creativity by answering the two simple questions:

What is creativity?

What advice or wisdom can you share with with Black women about navigating their own creative process.

Our very first interview is with Fenesha Hubbard! Fenesha is a brilliant sister who has helped me to understand the power of intention, ritual, and self care. She is a personal growth and learning specialist, who is committed to cultivating and curating safe learning experiences. Learn more about Fenesha’s work at

Let’s hear Fenesha’s take on creativity:

What does it mean to be creative?

Fenesha: Creativity is the ability to nurture a fertile imagination that is fed by intuition.

What one piece of advice/wisdom/encouragement/insight would you give to Black women about navigating their own creative process?

Fenesha: The key to unleashing your creativity is to trust the process of creative flow, which is unique for everyone. So, it helps to be self-aware. Knowing how you prefer to engage with your inner and outer worlds help to ensure confidence in how you embrace your capacity to be creative. Trusting yourself and loving your unlimited potential makes it easier to stretch your imagination. It is from this place of groundedness that creativity grows.

What are your thoughts about Fenesha’s take on creativity? Comment below!

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