Black Women + Creativity Interview #4 with Dr. Denise Moore Revel

The Black Women and Creativity interview series is focused on inspiring Black women to tap into their creativity capacity. Our intention is to talk to one hundred Black women, from all walks of life, to share their advice on the creative process.

Our fourth interview features Dr. Denise Moore Revel, the Self Discovery Specialist and author of Own Your Amazing. Dr. Denise is passionate about helping women discover their unique value and find their purpose. Find out more about what Dr. Denise over on Facebook and get a copy of her latest book!

What does it mean to be creative? 

Dr. Denise: When I think of what it means to be creative, the first word that comes to mind is freedom. To be creative is to allow myself the freedom to fully express who I am. When I allow myself to be creative, there are no preconceived ideas or rules to follow. Being creative is the unleashing of my innermost self.

I also think to be creative is an example of self-discovery. It’s discovering what is uniquely inside of me. Being creative is the witnessing of something that’s never been seen before.

 What one piece of advice/wisdom/encouragement/insight would you give to Black women about navigating their own creative process? 

Dr. Denise: The one piece of encouragement I would give Black women about navigating their creative process is to allow the process to unfold in the way that works best for them. They should not focus on how the creative process happens for others, but to accept their process as uniquely theirs. For example, my creative process usually involves me writing ideas down on paper, putting the paper away for a few days so I can reflect and ponder the ideas. After a few days, I go back to the ideas and see which ones still resonates with me.

I also understand my creative process needs to be flexible.  I have learned that I need to allow my creative process to change as I evolve and grow as a woman.

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