Black Women + Creativity Interview #6 with Dr. Adrianne Scruggs

The Black Women and Creativity interview series is focused on inspiring Black women to tap into their creativity capacity. Our intention is to talk to one hundred Black women, from all walks of life, to share their advice on creativity by answering the two simple questions.

Our sixth interview is with Dr. Adrianne Scruggs, physician and private practice owner of MD One Internal Medicine Associates in Pearland, TX. She is devoted to giving excellent medical care and creating genuine connections with her patients. She is also a wife and mother of two. Learn more about her practice at

What does it mean to be creative?

Dr. Adrianne: To have the ability, resources, and support to manifest or produce an idea that is unique and inspires others.

What one piece of advice/wisdom/encouragement/insight would you give to Black women about navigating their own creative process? 

Dr. Adrianne: Please don’t be discouraged by the naysayers. Your tribe exists; they understand you deeply and want to connect with you… Please leave space in your day, week, month to be uninhibited – to imagine freely… Take notes – write them down or record them… Create what YOU love, not what you THINK someone else will love. 

What is your one takeaway after reading Adrianne’s take on creativity? Share below!

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