Black Women + Creativity Interview #8 with Jessica Williams

The Black Women and Creativity interview series is focused on inspiring Black women to tap into their creativity. Our intention is to talk to one hundred Black women, from all walks of life, to share their advice on creativity in two question micro-interviews.

Our eighth interview is with Jessica Williams, founder of Tech Biz Gurl. She empowers women to use technology to pursue their passions. You can find her writing and speaking about side hustles, technology, and self care. Learn more about Jess over at

What does it mean to be creative?

I think creative means to create, in whatever form, that means to you whether it is writing, painting, coloring, making something with your hands, or brainstorming.  We are all creative in different ways.  It is whatever fuels your soul in a way that you feel connected to something bigger than yourself. 

What one piece of advice/wisdom/encouragement/insight would you have to Black women about navigating their own creative process?

You are creative.  We all are.  I’ve often thought that I wasn’t creative because I couldn’t draw or paint, but creativity is so much more than a skill.  It’s more of a feeling.  As Black women, it’s often hard to tap into that because there is pressure for us to be strong which often means holding things in, taking care of everyone else, and not leaving much leftover for ourselves.  Taking time for #selfcare helps you get back in tune with your inner voice and helps you remember those things that help you feel at peace with yourself.  Often by getting silent and spending time with ourselves, we come up with ideas and get back to those special things that make us who we are. 

Thank you for sharing this powerful take on creativity Jess!

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