Black Women + Creativity Interview #15 with Dr. Tina Marie Andrews Parks

The Black Women and Creativity interview series is focused on:

  1. Lifting up Black women’s wisdom on creativity and the creative process
  2. Inspiring Black women to tap into their creativity capacity and define it in their own way

We took a break and now we are back with another interview!

Our next interview is with Dr. Tina Marie Andrews Parks. Tina,Chicago south side native, is a Doctor of Nursing Practice and professor of nursing. With over 19 years experience as a nurse, Tina has found her passion in patient, student and institutional education specializing in gerontology, medical/surgical nursing and critical care. Her personal motto comes from Hosea 4:6: “My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge.” Tina’s faith in God and affinity for solving problems in healthcare disparities has driven her career thus far.   Her favorite pastimes are public speaking, watching documentaries, African dance, crafting, journaling and building meaningful relationships. 

Fill in the blank: Creativity is____________.

Tina: Creativity is the minds innate ability to come up with ways to keep us alive. Creativity is the brain’s way of re-imagining the resources around you to make them work in your favor. It is a mechanism to solve all manners of problems even if the problem is simply “How will I get all of these shoes into this closet?” Once a problem is established, creativity smiles & says “Watch me work.” We often think of creativity as painting and poetry. This may be true if that is what you need to feel alive. Let’s face it, we weren’t all designed to choreograph and sing. Unexpected life events like long term social distancing, has triggered boundless creativity to help us cope and develop a new normal. Creativity loves having a job to do. If you look around, every aspect of your life is sustained by the moments you naturally thought of new ways to “do” and ” be.”

 How do you express your creativity? 

Tina: I love watching my own mind create ways to do things better, quicker, less boring, less dreadful & more fun. From rearranging the furniture to thinking of a new method of teaching tough materials,  my mind wakes up and dances around the possibilities encouraging me to Create! Create! Create! Change cannot happen without creativity. 

I also create by “painting” with words. By day I’m a healthcare professional, science brain person (innovations in science also require creativity). However, when I formulate a post, birthday note, email, or a proposal I love to arrange my words to flow like music. I may not write radio hits, but I am a lover of lyrics. Your creativity won’t manifest like my creativity which is the secret sauce to the whole concept. Diverse creative interests covers all the earths needs. 

My first love was hardcore arts & crafts! I am a cut, paste, sew, bedazzle, imagine & create kind of girl, too!

What advice would you give someone who feels like they are stuck in a creative rut?

If you feel you are stuck in a creative rut let me reassure you, there is no such thing as a creative rut. The mind is never stifled. It will create until you take your last breath. You are most likely trying to force your idea of creativity onto a timeline, in a framework and on a budget. Creativity is over you and your rules because she doesn’t abide by rules. Creativity existed the day time began. You must separate what YOU define as creativity versus what it really is. Creativity is a “free spirit”. When you are breathing down her neck,  pressuring and criticizing her, creativity rolls her eyes, folds her arms & starts to create in a totally different area you’re not focused on right now. If you are feeling stifled check your fear, stress, and anxiety levels. Remember creativity was originally designed to keep you alive. The less fear & worry you have, the more creative energy you will have available to work for you in the areas you want it the most. 

Thank you for reading the latest Black Women + Creativity Interview! Check out past interviews by clicking here.


1 thought on “Black Women + Creativity Interview #15 with Dr. Tina Marie Andrews Parks

  1. I have never heard creativity express that way. But I realized I do have creativity . Thank you for shedding the light on the old mindset of what we thought creativity was. It causes you to express your inner thoughts of who you are!


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