Black Women + Creativity Interview #17 with Anika Ray (Brooke Blaze)

The Black Women and Creativity interview series is focused on:

  1. Lifting up Black women’s wisdom on creativity and the creative process
  2. Inspiring Black women to tap into their own creativity capacity

Anika Ray. Beauty Business Owner, Comedy Writer and Activist in Los Angeles. She grew up in a wellness & beauty-influenced environment and has worked in the entertainment and creative arts for over 10 years. Anika currently owns a Luxury Beauty Brand, Brooke Blaze, in Los Angeles, is active in film and writing industries and advises for like-businesses. When off once in forever, she loves nature, her family and dog, and cooking. Learn more about her business at and make sure to follow Brooke Blaze on IG and Facebook. Keep up with Anika over on her personal Instagram, too!


Creativity is ______________.  

Anika: Creativity is passion.

How do you express your creativity? 

Anika : I was advised to work on the art of being adaptable. When you do this, you are still being you, but changing to fit the situation for the best outcome. Creativity is great because it’s a forever changing space and grows with innovation. This process keeps me inspired to appreciate my creativity, and to always remain true to myself.

What advice would you give someone who feels like they are stuck in a creative rut?

Anika : Calm your mind first and figure out why you are in a rut. We quickly run to trying to get ourselves out or even beat ourselves up about it. Don’t. Trust your process and trust yourself.

Thank you for reading the latest Black Women + Creativity Interview. Let us know your biggest takeaway from today’s interview!

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