Black Women + Creativity Interview #18 with Charmaine Moore (Face of Hope and Beauty)

The Black Women and Creativity interview series is focused on:

  1. Lifting up Black women’s wisdom on creativity and the creative process
  2. Inspiring Black women to tap into their own creativity capacity

Today we will be interviewing Charmaine Moore.

Charmaine Moore is a lovely wife of nineteen years of marriage, mother to six beautiful children and grandmother to her sweet granddaughter.  She has overcome sexual, verbal, and physical abuse; depression, suicidal thoughts and attempts.  Charmaine’s passion and mission is to Empower Women to Choose to Love, Live, and Thrive in life.  Charmaine is a Face of Hope and Beauty Lifestyle Coach, Model and Life Speaker.  Through her Inspirational Life Coaching business Face of Hope and Beauty, Charmaine host Powerful Workshops helping Women to unlock what has been holding them back from loving themselves and enjoying the lives that they desire to live.  She then brings Light, Hope, Love, Joy, Peace, Healing, Wealth, FUN and Freedom to everyone that her life Touch.

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Fill in the blank: Creativity is ______________.  

Charmaine: Creativity is Power.  Creativity is a Way of Life.  We have all been given the Power to Create.  It’s our God given birthright.

How do you express your creativity? 

Charmaine: I absolutely Love, Love, Love to Create. It is one of my favorite parts about Life.

I express my creative Power through my Thoughts, Words and Actions.  First, I take a moment and meditate to tap into my creative power, thinking about what areas of my Beautiful Life that I would like or need to Create in.  It’s so important for us to quiet our minds to flow in our creative power.  Once my mind is quiet, I go through a process and ask myself: what do I Need or Want in this season of my Life?  When we are creating it is vital to get clear on what we want, need and what we don’t want.  If we don’t know what we want or need in Life we will subconsciously create what we don’t want in Life, never living the life of our dreams.  

Now that I know what I want or need, I write it down and see or imagine my wants and needs being met.  I imagine myself accomplishing that goal or dream.  I imagine that problem or situation being solved.  I imagine that hurt and pain being healed.  Then, I get up and take the Necessary Actions to create the life of my dreams.  Is this always easy?  No, sometimes I have allowed my Problems, Fears and Pain to create for me but once I realize that, I quickly use my power to create what I need or want.

If I need Peace and Clarity, I Create Peace and Clarity in my Life.  If I need Love, I Create Love.  If I want Opportunities, I Create Opportunities.  If I want Friendship, I Create Friendships.

What advice would you give someone who feels like they are stuck in a creative rut?

Charmaine : I feel like through our painful life experiences we have been taught wrong on how to use our creative power.  Through those painful experiences we were taught to blame others for why we are not living the life of our dreams.  Then we give our creative power to our pain, problems, situations and fears to create for us.   We give our Creative Power away and then we are stuck in Life.  I’m not saying that those people who caused us harm or pain weren’t to blame, I’m saying that it’s time for us to take our Creative POWER Back.  In other words TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK.  Forgive, Let it Go and Create the Life of Your Dreams. 

You have the POWER to Create and I’m Cheering for You!!!  You Can Do It!!!

Thank you for reading the latest Black Women + Creativity Interview. Let us know your biggest takeaway from today’s interview!

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5 thoughts on “Black Women + Creativity Interview #18 with Charmaine Moore (Face of Hope and Beauty)

  1. Charmaine is such a lovely person and
    yes, I have taken many of her workshops and they are very empowering! I always feel better about myself whenever I leave one of her workshops 😎


    1. I love you sister! You’re words and spirit have inspired me through so much, and I love everything that you are doing to help women. I miss you so much!


  2. Charmaine is such a beautiful person inside and out. This article exemplifies what the world is finding out about us . We are beautiful people blessed with an abundance of gifts that have been stifled. I’m glad to see that she is showing others to recognize, confront and create.


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