Your Personal Retreat Guide

Photo: Isha Gaines

Since May, Unbothered Black Girl Collective has hosted a monthly virtual retreat centered around certain aspects of self care and joy. Life seems to get quite busy at the end of the year with holidays, vacations, and closing things out for the year. So, this month UBGC is encouraging everyone in the collective to plan their own retreat this month. Retreats are great ways to reflect, get quiet, and expand your self care practice.

If you decide to plan your retreat (and I really hope you do), here is a quick guide to help you plan your retreat. If you take pics make sure to tag us on Instagram (@ubgcollective) or use the hashtag #ubgcollective on your other social media posts!

Getting Ready

Set the date and put it in your calendar. Plan for at least 60-90 minutes and make it an appointment in your calendar that no one can disturg

Get your playlist ready. Create a playlist with your favorite songs that bring you relaxation and joy to set the mood for your retreat. Need some songs? Check out the “Best of UBGC Retreats” Playlist for some song ideas.

Get snacks and beverages ready. Get your favorite healthy and nurturing snacks and beverages ready for your retreat time.

Photo: Isha Gaines

Retreat Flow

Getting Centered

Start your retreat getting centered. Some things you can do:

Breathing: Take a series of deep breaths.

Grounding: Notice a few things you can see, touch, smell, and feel around you

Stretch: Stretch your body and release tension.

Making Space

What you do next really up to you. It is all about doing activities you enjoy that make you feel good. Choose 3 or 4 activities to do as part of your retreat experience. Choose from the following or come up with your own:

-Choose a window from around the world on Window Swap and journal

-read poetry, quotes, or excerpts from a texts about self care, joy, etc. (Recommendations: Please : Radical Self Care for Wild Women of Color)

-look at images and reflect on what they mean to you

-take a walk outside

-do yoga

-Dance around the room

-Take a nap



-have fun with play dough

-Coloring books

-Try a new recipe

Photo: Isha Gaines

After the Retreat

-Reflect on how this experience made you feel.

-Commit to adding more time into your self care rituals each day.

–Take pics and tag @ubgcollective or use hashtag #ubgcollective

Photo: Neosha Gardner

I hope that this gives you some inspiration for planning your retreat. I can’t wait to hear about your personal retreats this month!