Black Women + Creativity Interview #10 with Elizabeth J. Elie (Lizzie G)

The Black Women and Creativity interview series is focused on inspiring Black women to tap into their creativity capacity. Our intention is to talk to one hundred Black women, from all walks of life, to share their advice on the creative process.

Elizabeth Elie, also known as Lizzie G, is the CEO and President of Lizzie G Entertainment, LLC. She has worked alongside Chicago Public Schools, Walgreens Expressions Challenge, University of Chicago’s Logan Center of Art and Vitalant-IL. Lizzie G has a powerful message for young people to understand that they can express their talents while gaining an education. She holds a Master’s Degree in Integrated Marketing Communication. To learn more about Lizzie G and her company follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook ! You can also check her music out on YouTube, Soundcloud, and Spotify !

What does it mean to be creative? 

Lizzie G: To be creative one must understand their self first. Once you understand yourself you have the opportunity to change your perspective and solve problems in a new way and in a new environment. Being creative means taking risks, ignoring doubt and facing our fears. It means breaking with routine and stepping out of our comfort zone to do something different – for the sake of doing something different. As one of the few positive female hip-hop artists on the scene, my goal is to spread a message of positivity, and I do that through my company LIZZIE G ENTERTAINMENT. Through my music, I took a creative approach that artists in Chicago weren’t doing. My music promotes anti-bullying, keeping peace and staying united. I use my platform to encourage today’s youth to stay in school and pursue their dreams. I wanted to choose a platform where I am sending a positive message, good vibes and not using profanity to emphasize my messages in music.

What advice/wisdom/encouragement/insight would you have to Black women about navigating their own creative process?

Lizzie G: Everyone has their timing in life for success. As long as you stay dedicated to your craft, passion and dreams your break thru is forthcoming. Network, always promote yourself and never burn bridges. Keep God first,  stay positive in life and your Level Up will surely come in time.

Want to catch a Lizzie G perform? On July 6, Lizzie will be opening for TINK at the Festival of Live in Chicago. Get tickets here and check her out!

1 thought on “Black Women + Creativity Interview #10 with Elizabeth J. Elie (Lizzie G)

  1. Great perspective Lizzie G!! That first two sentences is a whole word, chapter & verse! Until that personal work is done “creative” will always be a vague elusive concept. I appreciate your willingness to infuse our culture with positive fruit! #chitown


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